Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nova Scotia - New Brunswick

Russell Pond Campground - Volunteer Village - North Woodstock, NH
Steve, Ginny, Joan & Don
Just arrived from a volunteer position in Kentucky, Ginny & Don Pair. 1 of the other 3 couples volunteering with us in the White Mountains had to leave and head back to Florida for knee surgery following a stumble out of their motorhome. We've known Ginny and Don for several years from working with them at Lake Mead. We had spoken with them earlier this year when they stated their intentions of stopping by the White Mountains for a visit later in August. With an open volunteer position here, we called them up and asked if they would be interested in coming earlier and finishing out the season with us. Their answer was an excited "YES!" and 2 weeks later here they are. We're so excited to spend more time with them!

While waiting for them to arrive we found ourselves scheduled with 7 days off in a row. So we decided to make a trip to Nova Scotia. Jim and Deb decided to join us so off we went. Over the next 6 days we traveled just under 2500 miles visiting Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick. Check out the pics below......

lots of churches....

a few covered bridges......

lighthouses...of course....

....someone is making a fortune during the season at this location as the inside of the working lighthouse is actually an ice cream parlor...a sweet treat with a view!

beautiful houses.....

fishing villages......

In the last few pictures you'll notice the boats are "out of the water". These were taken in areas near the Bay of Fundy; an area between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia that has the highest tides in the world. In various areas of the bay, depending on the moon, tides can rise and fall between 36'-48'.

These 2 pictures were taken at Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy. The area where the people are walking is 36' underwater at high tide.

We also visited a small restored 1860-1940's community called Sherbrooke Village in Nova Scotia. There are 16 rescued and restored buildings which include a school house, church, printer, grocery, boat maker and Masonic Lodge. There are guides in period correct clothing demonstrating and/or informing visitors about the lifestyle and work of that time period.

Shout out to Emily and Ryan, both celebrating birthdays!

Joan and I have also been updating and/or changing things around the LED vanity light in bathroom, LED upgrades in the primary lights of the coach, replacing a damaged counter-top range cover, new vent fan motors, etc. We're thinking we may try to upgrade ourselves into a slightly newer motorhome over the next 6-12 months; something with a little more towing capacity, a king size bed and some newer amenities. To that end we're getting our Monaco Knight ready to sell or trade. So if you know anyone interested in a great coach, send them our way!

Well, that's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Hampshire...Where the R's are in the Wrong Place!

Lincoln, NH
It's been a busy couple of months here in New Hampshire. We're really enjoying our volunteer job working for the White Mountain National Forest. We're working 3 days a week in return for a full hookup campsite at Russell Pond Campground. There are 3 other couples working with us performing the Roving Caretaker responsibilities. 2 couples work Sun - Tues; the other 2 work Thur - Sat. Two routes have been developed through the National Forest; each one approximately 120 miles long with about 2 dozen stops along each route. The stops are a combination of designated individual campsites; overlooks and hiking trailheads. About half of the overlooks and trailheads have restrooms. Our jobs are to check each stop, picking up litter, emptying trash cans and cleaning/restocking restrooms. It usually takes somewhere between 6 - 8 hours to complete each route.

The north route includes about 20 miles of the Kancamagus Hwy, one of the premiere scenic drives in New England.  As great as the views are now, we can hardly wait until the autumn color arrives. Our days off include lots of driving throughout the area to check things out. Our wildlife sightings include:

- 3 moose (no pics as they don't stick around for us to get out the cameras)

- 4 bear (pics of 2)

 - 2 fox

- 1 porcupine (he didn't stick around for pics either )
- 1 rabbit (two days ago about 20 minutes after Joan made the comment she hadn't seen any rabbits!)
- numerous deer
- several skunks

- 2 snakes

- 1 crazy guy on a zip line (yeah that's me)

Joan has been taking lots of pics of churches. Many of them are quite spectacular

We've been checking out many of the covered bridges.....

We ventured across Hurricane Hill into Maine ( you don't see this every day)

A motley crew if I've ever seen one!
7 volunteer campsites, including ours are located in a secluded area near the forest campground. The 4 Roving Caretaker couples and some volunteer trail stewards are all located here. We have started getting together weekly as a group for Happy Hour; sometimes at one of our campsites and other times we meet at a local establishment for supper and drinks.

Joan and I had our first ever lobster boil! As you can see Dinner #1 is ready while Dinner #2 is preparing in the pot.

And you just never know what you may see as you travel throughout the area. The signage includes......."Local Grown, Gluten Free" and "No articficial growth hormones"

Tractor Henge?

Think about it..........

We took an overnight trip north to Pittsburg, NH......hoping to see moose and take a little drive into Canada. Didn't see any moose here but had a great time and found a really nice place to stop over....
view from our room

The Glen at Bear Tree


We took a hike to Arethusa Falls....only 3 miles round trip, but it was straight up!
The trail
The falls

Joan and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary  6/24
Overheard almost everywhere......."Lobstah" and "New Hampshah"  The R's are definitely missing in action! Don't hate us if we sound different next time we see you.

All in All we're having a great time.

Well That's it for Now. Stay Tuned. More to Come!