Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We're Jobless, Homeless and Sleeping Around

Ritten Clan 2012

Joan and I have been back in Florida for 2 weeks and we've been on the move every day. When last I blogged we had just surprised our families in Alabama and Georgia while they were celebrating Thanksgiving.

Crowe Clan 2012

We spent a couple of days in Alabama after Thanksgiving before heading to Atlanta to visit with my family. My oldest son Doug and his wife Erin moved to Atlanta in September. We stayed with them a couple of days at their new house. It was really different staying with them....we got to take our time and just enjoy being with them. When we lived in Florida we would see them often, but usually for a quick evening to eat out or play cards. This time it was fun to watch the Gator/Noles football game; drive down to the corner for ice cream; and spend time playing in the backyard with Salem (the Wonder Dog).

Alas......all good things must end and they had to return to work (they've got a few years before they can retire). So we packed up the car and headed across town to my sister Vickie and her husband's house. Vickie retired from Coca Cola last year and prior to this trip it's kind of been the same...up for a quick weekend; visit Stone Mountain or see a Braves game before rushing back home. We spent a couple of days just playing board games and cards; eating too much and catching up. While we were in Atlanta we got a follow up phone call from Las Vegas. While in Vegas we had submitted applications to work for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We interviewed over the phone and were subsequently offered a volunteer position which we accepted. So after the holidays we'll be headed back to Vegas to pick up the MH and start our new job. We'll be working about 60 miles north of Vegas for 2 months; wrapping up at the end of March in time to travel to Colorado for our summer gig at Chalk Creek Campground.

But Atlanta could only hold our attention for so long. Something was calling out to us......."Did you hear that?" Joan would ask. Something that was just out of our sight...."Did you see that?" Joan would say. A force so strong we couldn't resist it......"Did you feel that?" she would ask. Something pulling us....something only felt by special individuals...something wonderful...and at times was.....

Ryan & Bradley

The Grandkids! 

Emily and Joan

The power children have over grandparents cannot be explained or under-estimated. After 9 months the pull was just too great to resist. So we once again packed our bags and headed south to Florida.

We're going to be staying in Florida at least through Christmas and probably through New Years. With both our families in town we had numerous lodging choices so we had a hard decision to make...where do we stay so that no one is offended or burdened (more likely the latter). So we decided to flip a coin.....and Jim and Debbie lost.

Jim & Debbie's Door
We knocked on their door and announced our presence. "We'll clean house and mow the grass" we offered. "We'll take care of Abbie (the uber dog) and cook the meals" we negotiated. "We'll paint the kitchen and wash the cars" we begged (I think that's what convinced/swayed/enticed them to let us stay. I beg pretty good and Joan can make the saddest puppy-dog eyes when she needs to). So we unpacked the car and moved into their spare room.

We've had a great time so far. We've been able to catch up with most of our friends and family. We've completed our annual physicals and have started some of our Christmas shopping. We're excited about Christmas and glad to be in Florida to share it with our families. Hopefully we've got all of our ducks in a row and we'll be ready to head back towards Vegas and our real home (the MH) as soon as the holidays are over.

That's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come.