Monday, October 24, 2011

Was It Real or Was It My Imagination?

Saturday was our 3-week anniversary and we were moving back into the MH. After 13 days in the repair shop we are finally back home. Funny how that works. After only 3 weeks full timing (2 of which we were staying at the lake while the MH was in the shop) it does feel like home. I told Joan that earlier in the week; that I wanted to be in my home, in my chair, with my stuff.

Kudos to the mechanic Jim who worked on the repairs. Not only did he take the time to call me and discuss my concerns, but when he identified issues that I had not listed he updated me to see if I wanted them addressed along with the other items on the repair list. All in all I'm pleased with the outcome of our little rainy day adventure (Happy Anniversary?). And the warranty I purchased covered almost everything; I paid the deductible and an additional $85 while the warranty covered $1100+. Wahoo! And the warranty still has 4 years left before it expires. The primary issue was the water leak in the ceiling. In the picture you can see the seam above the door awning that was separated.
We picked up the MH Thursday afternoon and managed to get it back to the CG, leveled and plugged in before dark. But we had too much stuff at the lake that needed to be moved back before we could move back in; that would have to wait until Friday. As soon as we were off Friday afternoon we headed out to the lake to pick up our stuff. We slept in our own bed Friday night and rested well. Saturday morning was cool and it felt good to be snuggled under the blankets. We had numerous errands to run and spent most of the day taking care of them and along with getting ready to attend my 40th High School Reunion.

The reunion went well. Joan and I grew up in neighboring towns and even though we didn't attend the same schools there were several attendees that she knew. We spent the evening reconnecting with long lost classmates, meeting their spouses and catching up on their lives. One of my secret high school heart throbs came up to me and asked if I recognized her. "of course" I said, "I even remember a little make out session we had one day." She looked stunned...because she didn't remember. Shades of Animal House. I felt like Otter when he was told that he wasn't that good! Well I think it happened, but after all it was 40+ years ago and it is possible it's a fantasy turned reality in my mind! Oh well, I'm keeping the fantasy if that's what is is.

Sunday was another cool day and Joan and I decided to take the bikes out for a spin. We stopped at a neat little place called Avalon Diner.

This was our second time there and we were not disappointed. We left there headed to Clermont to see Joan's cousin who has started a new career as a chef. Paradise Pizza is his new venture and he was set up at a Farmer's Market of sorts. He has a wood fired oven that he transports to different events and catered parties. He prepares pizzas, frittatas and even breakfast burritos. Something new he's trying is 'Meatballs on a Stick'. They're pretty good!

We got back to the MH and I began to tackle some of the little jobs that needed doing. I disassembled and cleaned a small fan that we wanted to use in the MH. It's one that has been around for years and it had accumulated lots of dust and dirt. After that I started setting up the portable satellite dish we purchased a few weeks earlier. I set the dish on its stand and began to connect the coax and power cables. As I was laying out the cables I failed to watch where I was going. With my head down and the car parked next to the MH funnelling me closer to the unit I failed to notice the very large and very hard bedroom slide; the edge of which was lined up directly with my forehead. Ouch! Nothing broken, no blood but I do have a rather large knot on my head to remind me to watch where I'm going.

I wonder if the knock on the head will jog loosen any more memories (or fantasies)?

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