Sunday, September 16, 2012

Who Are Those Strange People Wandering Around the Woods?

Time really does fly by! Joan and I are down to our final days of working here at Mt. Hood National Forest.  With campgrounds closing, camphosts have begun to leave. Most of them have been workamping for awhile. We learned alot talking to them about their previous workamping experiences and picking their brains about 'how and why'. And a side benefit is that we now have new friends and places to visit (their homes) throughout the southwest!  Let me introduce you.
Sandy & Jim
Headed back to Arizona after working the Nascar Races in Vegas.
This was their 1st Workamping Job

Gerry and Phyllis
1/2 of the team that ran the store
Don and Donna
The other 1/2 of the store team. This was
their 2nd year here

Bud. Everybody knows Bud
Originally from this area with more years workamping
then he cares to admit. Can't tell you how many
returning campers asked us "Where's Bud?"

Jerry and Sharon
Jerry worked Maintenance while Sharon hosted
Lazy Bend Campground

Hosted 3 campgrounds and didn't take 'stuff'
off of anybody
Headed back to Ohio to work with his son

Another local who started later in the season

Wyatt & Heather
Also headed towards Ohio
Michael & Anna
The Man in Charge and the Woman Who Knows
What's Going On!

Jean & Larry
2nd season in Oregon headed to Colorado Springs
Larry taught me everything I know about
So you can blame it on him!
Mel & Teri
Maintenance Supervisor & Operations Manager
Joan and I will miss everyone we worked with this year. It's been a season we won't forget and we  look forward to meeting up with our new friends somewhere down the road

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  1. I counted 20 new friends just in one season. That's awesome!