Saturday, March 9, 2013

7 Down, 3 To Go

Joan Making Sure It's Clean

It's hard to believe our time at Echo Bay is just about over. We've been here for 7 weeks and we have had a great time. Only three weeks left until we finish our volunteer position and head towards Colorado for the summer.

The last two weeks we have continued to work a little, play a little. We've made four trips into the Valley of Fire in two weeks and we continue to see new things that we haven't seen before.

The multitude of colors throughout the rocks is amazing. I'll show you a few pics, but check out Joan's Facebook albums if you want to see more.


Last week we decided to take a few days off and visit Zion National Park in Utah.

We spent two days hiking and sightseeing in and around Zion. All combined we hiked about 6 miles while we were there.

On the way home we drove a little further north to see Bryce Canyon.

There was still snow scattered throughout Bryce and the vistas were beautiful.

Almost as an afterthought we decided to drive through Kolob Canyon (the northwest portion of Zion located right alongside I-15.

Even though the drive through Kolob is only five miles long it is definitely worth the effort. It's almost like a miniature Zion.

The stargazers were due in this weekend but the weather just wouldn't cooperate. Instead of being warm and clear it was cloudy, cool and rainy. Even though the campground wasn't used, all the work we put into prepping it sure made it look great!

Stay Tuned. More to Come.


  1. Looks like you are having a great time. Valley of Fire and Zion looks awesome!

  2. Zion looks beautiful, the snow on the mountains and the pine trees are just up my alley. I'll bet the hiking there was really fun. Hopefully some day we can get out West again, because we really enjoyed it last time we were there.