Monday, May 12, 2014

Is This Spring Time in South Dakota or Winter in Siberia?

We've completed 2 weeks at Crazy Horse and things are cool man.....real cool! In fact right now it's 32 degrees outside.....with winds blowing a constant 20+ mph......the snow flakes are blowing horizontally as we look out the window.......a forecast low of 28 with 1+ inches of snow tonight. Cool man! This is the 2nd snow since we've been here.

Wednesday we woke up with 2-3" of snow covering everything from our lawn chairs to the grill to the car....icicles hanging off the bottom of the slides. We were so excited we left the MH 3 hours before our scheduled start time at work and just drove around taking pictures. We drove a couple miles south of town and then turned off onto a small gravel road back off into the forest. We were taking pictures and saw numerous deer before stumbling across a little reminder from home.

We know from talking to everyone back in Florida that the temps are already into the 90's. When Joan and I were in Florida and it got that hot we always started looking for a swimming hole....the cooler the water the better. One of our favorite places was Rock Springs just north of Apopka. So here we are in South Dakota and wouldn't you know it......they have a Rock Springs too. Anyone interested in joining us for a little swim?

A couple days can make a huge difference this time of year..........Tuesday


Last week on one of our mutual days off we decided to go geocaching with Phil & Rudee We downloaded 7 caches into our smartphone c:geo app and headed out. We had pretty good luck, eventually finding 6 of the 7 caches; even after encountering a weird recurring issue. Phil &Rudee both use handheld GPS devices while Joan & I use our smartphones. We all had the cache GPS points loaded and at each individual cache all of our units directed us to within 5-10 feet of each other. But on all 6 of the caches we found none of them were at the designated location. At each site we would spread out and continue to search; and with 4 of us looking we would eventually find the cache. But each of the 6 were found almost 50 yards west of the original location. Really strange!

Notice anything strange about this location where we found one of the caches?

And some of the caches were so small. This one was inside the bottom of a metal gate post. It could only be seen by placing a mirror under the bottom of the gate and looking up inside the hollow post.

We saw some unusual sites as we drove around the area. One of them was this bicycle 'montage'?

Work at Crazy Horse has been fun. I'm feeling more confident with the narrative that I share with the folks who take the bus tour and Joan is working hard to get her feet into shape to withstand the all-day standing that's required in the gift shop.

My dad is showing signs of improvement including occasional recognition of friends and family and he is responding to some verbal questions with gestures. No oral communication as yet but he is getting better. Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts.

That's it for now. Stay tuned. More to Come.


  1. Welcome to spring in SD! Sure does look a little chilly with all that snow. Before you know it, you will be too hot. Funny how that works!

    Glad you dad is improving:)

  2. I guess you just have to be native Floridians to be excited by snow in May :-). We use the iphone geocache app. I found it bounced around a lot when we were in that area. And it also says accurate to "16 feet" so we consider it on target if it's within that circle. We'll get started with caching again in Wyoming.

  3. Great news about your dad Steve.
    Snow? Pam is will be hot before you know it! Enjoy the white stuff while you can!

  4. Snow! What's that?
    Glad you guys are having fun in SD.
    You, your Dad and family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Take care and Enjoy yourselves!

  5. Glad to hear your Dad is making progress, that is a good sign. We are are having similar weather up in Canada, the ice just went off the lake yesterday. The only good part is the cold is the bugs are not bad yet!