Friday, May 19, 2017

It's All His Fault (part deux)

Woodstock, NH
Mount Washington Resort

Well here we are in our summer campsite. It's been an interesting week and a half. 3 days of training; lots of sightseeing and exploring the area; and lots of adventure so far.

Tuesday, 5/9

We're staying in Volunteer Village; a few campsites for volunteers only located in a maintenance area that is a part of White Mountain National Forests' Russell Pond Campground just outside of Woodstock, NH. No, not that Woodstock. One of the most surprising things so far is just how fast the leaves are greening out. It's like they're exploding out of the trees. Check out the difference in just 9 days......

Thursday, 5/18

We had snow 2 non-consecutive nights last week (just enough to dust the ground and then it was gone in 15 minutes); and this week we tied record high temps of 86 and 89 in 2 of the small towns nearby. It's 71 as I type this with a forecast low in the mid 30's tomorrow night.

Even with the temperature changes, the entire area is blooming.

We spotted some of the local wildlife on one of our drives........just a small cub along side the road with no momma bear anywhere in site.

I mentioned earlier we had a little adventure upon our arrival. One of our volunteers got distracted as he drove the 2 mile uphill drive to the campground....with some almost disastrous results!

When we were talking about what had happened, his comment was something about "a bird with a broken wing" being chased across the road in front of him by a moose.........?????

The name has been changed to protect the guilty!

Personally I believe it to be the fault of someone who has crossed my path before....someone who spreads mischief and mayhem in his wake. If you've read this blog from the beginning you may remember .....Erni.....uhm, no, no it's Bert....yeah Bert....that's him! If you don't remember my first encounter with 'Bert' you can check out my post from March 2012, It's All His Fault.

Joan and I escaped the original encounter with only a 3 day delay and some out of pocket costs for time spent having the motorhome checked out.

This time no one was hurt, even though a few more feet forward or further off the road and I'm certain the RV would have tipped over on its side. There was some cosmetic damage, but that can be repaired. The bill to get the RV back on the road was hefty....

.....but the crew with the wreckers knew their craft and the happy camper was on the road again in a few hours!

I've been tracking my fuel usage since we first purchased our motorhome. We bought the rig with 22,006 miles on the odometer; and over the last 5 1/2 years we had driven 26,890 miles towing our 12' trailer containing our 2 motorcycles. We'd burned 3,839 gallons of fuel for an average of 7.0 mpg. All this time, Joan had been driving our car everywhere we traveled. This year we sold her bike and replaced the 12' trailer with a 24' trailer in which we haul my bike and the jeep. We've gone from towing approximately 4,000 lbs to towing just over 10,000 lbs on our trip from Florida to New Hampshire. During this trip we drove 2,977 miles using 450.6 gallons for an average of 6.6 mpg. Not too bad considering that it only cost us .4 mpg in the RV, but saves us an average of 19.9 mpg that we no longer use driving the jeep between destinations. Plus it's fun having Joan in the RV with me as we travel.

Shout out to my grandson Greyson who just celebrated his 1st birthday on Tuesday.

Well that's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come!


  1. Yikes, that is a scary incident! Looks like you area all tucked in and ready for your gig. Love the bear pic!

    1. Extremely scary. I was surprised they strapped thru the rear wheels to pull the rv sideways onto the road. When I asked about potentially damaging The drivetrain, the wrecker driver stated that is the preferred method and not damaging to the vehicle.

  2. Oh, dear! I can't believe that MH stayed up. Wow! Very lucky people!

    It is interesting to see how just overnight the leaves pop out and the world changes. Enjoy your new adventure in NH. Great motorcycle riding territory!

    1. I climbed into their rig to straighten the front wheels before they could move the rv and I was very aware of just how far over it was leaning.
      As for the growth explosion, our neighbors rv is about 20 yards away and we can barely see their rig for all the leaves.

  3. Wow, good thing it wasn't you! We're experiencing the opposite here with everything turning brown. The rainy season has ended here in CA. You look like you scored a great workamping gig!

    1. Good luck with the new working gig and weather. We're really excited about this summer.

  4. "A bird with a broken wing" sure can cause a big problem 😄. See you soon.
    Susan & Don

    1. Looking forward to seeing you guys again, maybe a little golfing too.

  5. That was a very close call. Good there was only minor damage to the rig. The wallet, quite a bit more damage! ;c)

  6. We always get a kick out of how fast and drastic weather can change. I do like those "last snows". I'm sure by now it's all lush and green up there. How scary to see that MH off the road! Glad they got him out ok. I think that Naughty Bert has visited us a couple of times too that rascal. We are heading up to Maine and will then make our way back to CA. We should be in NH mid/end of August. We'll be near Mt. Washington. I don't know where yet but if we're close by we'd love to meet up with you two.

  7. Man, that is one frightening situation with that motorhome! Yikes!