Friday, September 30, 2011

FOSJ 2011 Arkansas Vacation

Well I’ve been telling Steve that he needs to post something to the blog a little more often than he’s been doing.  He hasn’t taken the hint so I’ve decided to write something.

We’re back in Florida now. We spent 7 days in the MH on the White River.  We put almost 900 miles on the bikes while we were there.

Arkansas had some nice curvy, scenic roads to ride. But then we’re from Florida where the roads are flat and straight so most any road with a little rise and a slight curve will excite us!
We met some really nice people in Arkansas.  If you want a really good breakfast then go to the Hilltop Restaurant in Yellsville. The biscuits were wonderful.  And for BBQ you have to eat at RazorBack Ribs. The food was great and Joel, the owner, was such a nice guy! 

Tomorrow we move the MH to a nearby campground.  We are moving in and will live in it fulltime until we leave.  We hope to be on the road sometime in April.  We have given away or sold most everything we own.  We’ve kept what we think we will need for life in the MH but there are still more boxes of “stuff”.  We will be doing more paring down this weekend.  It’s a little intimidating to get rid of so many things that you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.  I’m just keeping my eyes focused on the goal.  Traveling is what Steve and I want to do.  We hope to be able to enjoy this life for many years to come. 

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