Friday, November 4, 2011

Shake Down Cruise.....There's Still a Ringing in My Ears......

10/15/11 - I wrote this just after we sold the Class C and purchased the Class A in August 2010. Couldn't find it for a while and just stumbled across it. Thought I would publish it now...

......Just got back from the first trip in our new RV. We've had a 25' Class C for 3 years which we sold a few weeks ago. Two weeks ago we bought a used 40'DP and decided to take it out for the Labor Day holiday weekend. We knew there would be a lot of new things we needed to learn as we moved from a small gas chassis to the larger diesel. So we started planning a short shake-down cruise.

What started out as a short drive - long weekend for two trailering the motorcycles soon morphed into a 700 mile roundtrip for 9. How did that happen? Something like this:

“Let’s invite Jim & Debbie to go"
"OK. Only fair since they helped us do all the RV shopping"

"We'd love to go. Where are you headed?"

Then a few days later.....
"We've been invited to go the beach near Debbie's sister. Would you guys like to take the RV there instead? You can set up the RV at their house and we'll have access to their boat and ...."

"Sure, one place is as good as another"

And a few days after that.....
"We've been asked if the grandkids can ride with us. We'll just take the car and follow you guys....."

"No need to do that. We've got plenty of room in the RV. We'll put them in the back room with some DVD's and ....."

And after that.....
"Since Jim and Deb's grandkids are coming how about we take ours too? Jim, Deb and their grandkids will be staying in her sister's house. The 5 of us should be fine in the RV"

So next thing I know we're on our maiden voyage with every seat taken and all the storage bays full of gear.

Not a problem...right! The kids will be in the back, we'll be up front enjoying the new ride, checking things out. Until.....

"We can't seem to get the DVD to play on the rear TV. The kids are getting restless, so can we let them watch their movies up front."

Did I tell you about the great 12 speaker home theater sound system in the front of the motorhome. It's great! Just like being in the movies with Dolby Surround can actually feel it when things really get cranked up..I don't think we've ever heard a system like that outside of a real theater.'s really great....except when the you're attempting to drive a 32,000 pound 40' motorhome on your maiden voyage!

Next thing I know I'm surrounded with bears, John Candy and Dan Ackroyd (The Great Outdoors); Sasquatch (Harry and the Hendersons); The Water Horse (whatever that is????); and Avatar playing at a decibel level high enough to be heard by a group of 5 kids riding in a diesel motorhome....Oh yeah, did I mention that two of the primary speakers are located about two feet behind my head! 

I'm sure it was great for the kids and everyone else watching. Some of movies they even watched twice. Yahoo.....Me on the other hand. Well I did manage to keep 16 tons of RV between the lines even with crashes, guns and bombs going off unexpectedly every few minutes. But there’s still this ringing in my ears????

The beach was great. And our hosts could not have improved on two great days of swimming, beaches and marine wildlife. We even got to go see dolphins. And then it was time to drive home...and watch the movies again! Double Yahoo!

We learned a lot about the RV. We need to get better organized. We need to determine places for our stuff and make sure it gets put back when we're done with it. We made a list of things we need to pick up before the next trip. We subsequently learned how to get the DVD to play on the rear TV!

And we learned that this is going to be a lot of fun!

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