Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's all His Fault

Well here we are again. Waiting to see when we can hit the road again. Yes, that's right, we've run into another road bump. Just in case you've not read the blog lately let me back up a day or two......

We had the MH in the repair shop in Oxford AL on Monday for an A/C repair. That went fairly quickly and we were on the road Tuesday afternoon. We made good time through western AL and spent the night in the Mississippi Welcome station. While climbing some of the small grades in western AL the engine on the MH would 'stutter' every once in a while. Just a quick little bumpity bump and then back to normal. Better ask my buddy about that. Back on our way Wednesday morning with no issues. Since we spent a few extra days in AL we elected to make up time and try to put miles behind us. We made it through MS and headed west for Ft Smith, AR. Easy breezy. Joan expressed an interest in visiting the Oklahoma City Memorial so we kept on trucking, planning to stop close to OC Wednesday night and visit the Memorial first thing Thursday morning. While I was driving I called my buddy Er... no, no names. For the sake of privacy let's just call him Bert. You know, like in Bert and Er.....nope, Almost slipped up there.

Well, after describing the 'stutter' to Bert he suggested I add a fuel additive. So I did at my next fill up just inside the OK state line. Rolling west on I-40 we made it about 70 miles when all of a sudden the stutter was back; big time. So bad I had to pull over. When I got off the side of the road the MH would barely idle so I shut it off. And that was it. Couldn't get it started again.
This Picture has been edited to protect the guilty!
So, as you can plainly see...It's All His Fault! We called Coachnet and they started the process of getting us taken care of; finding a wrecker and locating us a place to stay for the night. Unfortunately the wrecker had to come out of Tulsa and that took a little time. We finally got hooked up just after midnight. We checked into a motel in Henryetta and got a follow up call from Coachnet first thing Thursday morning with their plan as to where the MH would be taken for repairs.
Our thanks to Storey Wrecker, Inc and their driver Chad. Chad was very professional and pleasant. He towed us to the motel and the next day to the repair shop. We also got to see the largest tow truck in OK; capable of hauling 85 tons. Also our thanks to Priscilla at Coachnet who was so worried about us and made sure we were taken care of.
So here we sit in the repair shop in Tulsa waiting to see what fate has in store for us. Maybe we can make it to Durango by Monday!


  1. Well all I keep reading about is one problem after another. Maybe you leaving us hanging on Monday nights gave you some Bad JuJu.
    Hopefully the Bad JuJu will wear off by tomorrow and you'll be back on the road. Becareful and I'll talk to you soon.
    PS You should take a detour into TX and go try one of those 10lb steak challenges... Just a thought

  2. You just never know what might happen next. Best wishes for Good JuJu on Friday!