Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Week 4 and Amazon hasn't changed. 'And that's all I'm going to say about that'. Joan and I just had to get out of the city for a while to try and relax; recharge our batteries. So we took a drive in the country. It was a nice drive and really helped us recoup; kinda changed our perspective a little.

Today is a big day. November 16. Yeah, November 16....that's it. "What oh what could it be?" you ask. It was the start of something big. Really big. Something special. Really special. Something so wonderful...."How wonderful is it?" you ask......something so wonderful I hope it never ends.

On Wednesday November 16, 2005 I knocked on Joan's door and we proceeded to go out on our first date! It was the first time we had met. On one of our first dates we went out to a movie. "What movie?" you ask....The remake of King Kong starring Jack Black. Joan was the tallest girl I had ever dated and I still remember how awkward it was holding her hand during the movie. Usually my dates' arm was short enough to fit inside of my elbow when I held their hand. Not so with Joan. But we got past that awkwardness and here we are on the date of a lifetime.

Happy Anniversary!

Stay Tuned. More to Come.


  1. How romantic that you celebrate -- and remember! --the anniversary of your first date! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary. I love "date of a lifetime." So cool.

  3. Son.. Good on ya!!!!This is you at your best!!!!!! And, we think you have the best at your side! We've, both, said many times, We wish you guys had met in 1975, instead of 2005!!!!!

    Love ya both!!!!!!!! Mom & Dad

  4. P.S. I watched that same movie (again) last week!!!!!


  5. I think y'all should quit Amazon and come to Alabama for Thanksgiving!! Happy Anniversary!! Love, Mary