Monday, September 9, 2013

Words and Pics Just Can't Do It Justice

It's been 2 weeks since my 60th birthday and 2-month wedding anniversary. And just in case you're wondering, being old and married is going OK!

*****Editor's Note***** After 'proofing the blog, Joan looks at me and says "So it's just OK?" Now I know I put an exclamation point after OK, but evidently that's not

The first 2  months of married life have been unbelievable. It's hard to describe what it's been like. Words just can't express what I've been feeling. I'm not sure it's possible to accurately communicate the emotional and personal feelings I've experienced. And in the immortal words of Forest Gump....."that's all I have to say about that!"

As the workamping season is drawing to a close in central Colorado we got together with our fellow workampers for a little Putt Putt Golf.

We all had a great time and decided the evening wouldn't be complete without a little ice cream after our evening on the links.

From the left - Joan, Steve, Steve, Teresa, Joyce, Jack, Sandi, Joe
We had 4 workamper couples and the owners working at Chalk Creek this season. Jack and Joyce finished on 9/3; Joan and I worked thru 9/7; Steve and Teresa finish on 9/13; while Joe and Sandi will be staying on until the campground closes end of October or until they wear out-whichever comes first! This was the owners, Lars and Tamara's first full year managing the park on their own (they bought the campground March 2012). Next year may be a challenge for them as all 4 workamper couples have decided to pursue different opportunities next year. They'll be recruiting all new workampers and having to train them on all phases of park operations. Not a task I would want to undertake.

Steve and Teresa are interviewing for a job in Buffalo, Wyoming; Jack and Joyce are staying in the Nathrop area but both have lined up jobs in the local community-Jack at a hardware store and Joyce as a nurse for a local physician; Joe and Sandi as well as Joan and I have submitted resumes and held interviews to work at Crazy Horse Memorial near Custer, South Dakota. Our friends Phil and Rudee (Workin' RVers) are working there this summer and after reading their blog and speaking with them we decided South Dakota could be a lot of fun. We'll know more in November.

We took a couple of 'last drives' before we left; one on the bike and one in the car. The scenery is spectacular anywhere you go and we just wanted to make sure we took it all in before we left. Here's a pic overlooking Browns Canyon.

And another when we drove through 11 Mile Canyon. Pics just don't do them justice.

We left Nathrop Sunday morning and are currently just north of Denver to have the MH serviced. We pick up my parents at Denver International this week and they will be traveling with us in the MH as we meander our way back towards Lake Mead. We're hoping to show them Rocky Mountain NP, Moab, Bryce and Zion along the way. And we've just found out that our friends Larry and Jean may join us in Moab and travel with us for a few days as they commute from Garden of the Gods campground in Colorado Springs to their winter job at Leaf Verde CG outside of Phoenix.
On the Road Again

PS....only 2 weeks until I become a grandpa! Wish us luck.

That's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come


  1. Ha ha -- I like your "do-over" on the description of your first two months of wedded bliss. You're a very wise husband. :-)

  2. Sounds like you have some great stops...

    South Dakota sounds like fun too!

    Safe travels and enjoy the view.

  3. Congrats on both. Good luck with your proofreader:)

  4. Thanks for the laugh!! That opening sounds so much like something John would write and I would comment the same way. Your recovery gave us both a great laugh!! Way go, Steve:)

    Sounds like you had an excellent stay at Chalk Creek with some new friends. Crazy Horse is one of my favorites, should be fun!

  5. Hi Steve and Joan,
    I can't help but worry about you knowing you're in Colorado. Are you okay? Have you stayed out of the path of the floods and mudslides?

    Keep us posted.