Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friends & Family - Enjoying the Sights Before We Leave for the Summer

It's been a fun 2 weeks with a quick visit from Joan's sister in law Angie. Angie was in Las Vegas attending a medical conference and extended her stay for an additional day to explore the area. We packed as much as we could into a little less than 24 hours.

A drive through Lake Mead NRA and a visit to Valley of Fire Saturday afternoon. While in VofF, I convinced Angie to take a little climb.

Still dressed in her comfortable shoes (not hiking or climbing shoes) she took on the challenge and it was well worth it for the view from the top.

Then on Sunday morning a stop at Hoover Dam before dropping her at the airport .

Last weekend we took a 2-day trip to Utah with some of our friends and co-volunteers:

Joan, Don, Ginny, Christine & Herb
Kolob Canyon
Rather than take the interstate the entire route just after passing Mesquite and entering Arizona we turned off I-15 at Littlefield and took Hiway 91 into the mountains and southern Utah This was our first time on this road and it is a great alternative to driving I-15 through the Virgin River Gorge. Don't get me wrong; I think everyone should drive through the Gorge at least once, because it is spectacular. But there are no pull offs to stop and enjoy the scenery; and if you're driving a large RV you really don't have time to look around. Hiway 91 is very scenic, just not so dramatic; and you're able to set a more leisurely pace to enjoy your surroundings.

91 brings you into the western side of St George where you can choose to return to I-15 or cross over to the eastern side of the interstate and take some of the scenic roads through northern Arizona and Utah on your path north and east. We stopped at Snow Canyon State Park while we were in St George.
Snow Canyon

We chose to take I-15 north about 30 miles and enter Kolob Canyon, a part of Zion NP only accessible in a vehicle from the interstate north of St George, not from the park itself.

After Kolob we continued north and stopped for the night in Cedar City, Utah. In the morning we headed east on Hiway 14 into the mountains towards Cedar Breaks Park (still closed for the season). The temps dipped down to 16 degrees at one point and there was still several feet of snow along the roadsides the entire drive over to Scenic Hiway 89.

We turned south on 89 and headed for the eastern entrance into Zion NP. None of our friends on this trip had ever been to Zion so it was a special treat to see them enjoy the sights as much as Joan and I have over the last 3 years.

There was still ice in several of the streams and the patterns created in the ice were intriguing.

Joan made a couple of snowmen during our tour. What do you thiink?

Well, that's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come.

Just a couple of ol' Crows


  1. Looks like fun! Can't wait to visit Zion in May.

  2. About that snowman... size DOESN'T matter ;-)

  3. I recognize that rock you walked up with Angie! How many times did you hear "Stop, pull over!!!!!"?

  4. Gorgeous pictures as always! We are living vicariously through both of you!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I love the little pinecone hat (at least it looks like it could be a pinecone?). I also use BlogSpot. How do you get frames around you pictures and how can you write on either side of the pictures? I haven't found a feature/widget that'll do that?

    1. Click on pic to select size, left-right or add caption. Click and hold then drag pic up or down till it is beside pic. Can use 'return carriage' to add lines till words center on pic or move next paragraph down below pic

    2. Click on pic to select size, left-right or add caption. Click and hold then drag pic up or down till it is beside pic. Can use 'return carriage' to add lines till words center on pic or move next paragraph down below pic

    3. Thanks, I'll give it a try!

  6. I can't get over how much snow there is for March. Two years ago we were there for the month of March and only had snow way up Kolb Terrace Rd. I guess we picked a good year to visit. Looks like a great time getting away with friends:) Cute little snowman, Joan:)

  7. Fun, fun! The sheets of ice are really pretty! And I love your snowmen Joan.

  8. We have been to Zion when it was super hot. It looks prettier with snow, and more peaceful. Great seeing Herb and Christine again! Not a bad snow 'baby' for a Florida gal!