Saturday, May 23, 2015

Here We Are Working Our First Week In Our New Location of Dubois Idaho and......What?....Wait....We're Moving Where?....When?

Arco, Idaho

Care to guess what this is a picture of?
Tell you later...

Thompson RV Park, Thornton, ID 5/7

Dubois, ID 5/17
Looks Like the Circus is in Town
Mountain View CG, Arco, ID 5/22

We worked in Thornton for 2 weeks. We arrived in Dubois last Sunday and started working the new area Monday. And we finished on Thursday. Boy are we good or what! So Friday we packed up and moved to Arco. A little larger area here so we may be here for a few weeks. Great campground, small town of about 900. Home of Number Hill and the First City powered by Atomic Energy!

On the Road to Arco

Our job is quite interesting. Sometimes we do things a little different by walking our handheld when we are unable to drive the jeep where we need to go...or we might walk with the unit when it's quicker than driving. Here's an example of some of our time saving methodology....

We always try to select a picturesque location for lunch while we're out in the field. A lot of those lunch spots can be seen on Facebook if you're so inclined. And Joan always takes time to smell the flowers...or take pictures of them!

We see the most interesting things as we're driving throughout the countryside.....

We never expected to see a moose crossing the road from a large agricultural field, trotting between a couple of buildings before heading towards a small pond....

....nor a crop duster that 'buzzed' us while we were out and about....

We even got in a little bowling with Dave & Maxine on one of our days off...

Now for the answer to the question at the top of the blog....that pic is a small 'snippet' from a Google Earth view of an area we stumbled across in Idaho. The circles are actually crop circles....circles made by large irrigation systems that circle a pivot point creating the circular huh!

Well, that's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come


  1. You're pretty close to Craters of the Moon N.M. there...checking it out? We haven't been there yet.

    1. We will be checking it out while we're in the area. Some interesting reading about all of the atomic firsts' that are attributed to this area as well. Even a park with the 'conning' tower or sail of one of the 1st atomic subs that traveled under the polar ice cap

  2. Sounds like you are keeping very busy and seeing some great that moose!!

    I knew those were crop circles:) As a matter of fact, I beleive a lot of them are potatoes. I sat by a potato farmer one year on a plane trip and he explained the circles to me. Now I can see them as we travel around. They do look very weird from the air.

  3. I knew those were crop circles too. We fly a lot and see those crop circles in quite a few areas of the country.

    You guys sure get around! Love the moose. I knew they had lots of moose on the other side of the Rockies by Jackson, Wyoming. Didn't know they were in your part of Idaho.

  4. Have never seen a moose yet, very cool to see one just out wondering around town. Crop circles, small planes flying overhead and atomic energy fields.....are you sure you are not in Area 51?!!

  5. You guys are good! Sounds like you guys are continuing to have a lot of fun. Make sure you keep up the Bloody Mary routine!