Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lions and Tigers and....No, That's Not It.....Horses and Eagles and Fox, Oh My!

Kaycee, Wyoming

Yep, we're in Wyoming! For those of you keeping count, that would be 6 cities in 3 states within the last 2 months! We were looking for variety when we took this job....and boy howdy, we are sure getting some.

We left Idaho last Saturday headed east towards Casper. From Casper we drove another 75 miles north to Kaycee, the adopted hometown of Chris LeDoux, World Champion Bareback Rodeo Rider, bronze sculptor and country music singer-song writer. This weekend is the annual Chris LeDoux Days Rodeo when the town's population will grow from 263 (2010) to about 9000.

Teton Mountains just outside of Jackson

On our drive from Idaho Falls we passed through an area known as Swan Valley as well as Jackson, Wyoming. This area has to be one of the most picturesque we've driven through in a long time.

As we were driving along US Hwy 26 east of Jackson we passed a sign for Luton's Teton Cabins. I called Joan on the radio and ask...."Isn't that where Al & Karen are working?" Yep!
Steve, Theresa, Joan, me, Karen & Al
We met Al & Karen Wish Upon an RV Star a couple of years ago just after we started full-timing. Joan had followed their blog for a while and we were still learning about the lifestyle. They were kind enough to let us pick their brains and learn what we could. So we just had to turn around to say Hello! And we got an additional bonus for stopping.....we got to see Steve & Teresa who we worked with in Colorado 2 years ago. They were working with Al & Karen this summer. We only got to visit for a few minutes as it was a workday for them, but it was good to see them again. And the surrounding scenery was really great.

Our home for the next few weeks will be KC RV Park & Horse Hotel. Yes, Horse Hotel. Says so right there on the sign. Nice park.

We left the park to head into town for supper one afternoon, but didn't get very far as the road was sheep! One of the local ranchers was moving his flock up the mountain to greener pastures.

And that wasn't the only road blockages we've experienced this week. Check it out.......

Sage Grouse & chicks

.....and more wildlife.....
Bald Eagles & Nest

Fox Kits

Pronghorn Antelope


...and the wildlife is not all....don't forget the scenery...

Joan keeps a sharp eye out while we're driving and it paid off big time Wednesday....she's accumulated 2 deer antler from folks we've met off-road, but now she has something she found all by elk antler

On two consecutive days we actually drove through a cattle drive. A couple of cowboys on horseback, some younger boys and men on ATVs driving a couple hundred head of cattle along the back roads. And we noticed a 5th wheel RV being being moved to different locations along the route. As we were finishing up one afternoon we saw one of the men's wife and 2 young children at the RV, so we stopped to chat. The drive was on day 5 of 12 as they were moving this herd over 100 miles to a grazing area near the middle fork of the Powder River. And once this drive was finished, they would take a few days off before moving another herd on a 9 day drive.

One downside to our new job....the jeep is a little bit dirtier than when we bought it...

...but it's all worth it!

Well, that's it for now. Stay Tuned. More to Come.


  1. Sure looks and sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. I imagine the changing territory is nice. You gotta love the wildlife jams and livestock moves. Something no one sees in the east. Awesome wildlife sightings and what a treasure, your own elk antler!! Your Jeep has been working hard:)

  2. Nice photos! You can sell those antlers on consignment in our gift shop....people pay good money for genuine antlers! Enjoy Wyoming!}

  3. Looks like a fun job. If only I had a Jeep.

  4. It was really cool seeing you! Looks like a great area we need to check out.

  5. Very cool finding that elk shed. We found a moose shed the other day while 4 wheeling on a logging road. Love all the wildlife there, wish we would have started there!