Monday, March 26, 2012

Boating, Fishing, Golfing and Just Hanging Out

While we're in Alabama we're trying to relax and enjoy the local amenities as much as possible. I mean after all, the drive to Oregon is supposed to be a vacation between our previous jobs and our workamping gig.

Sunday morning Joan's brother Jimmy took us out in his boat on Lake Neely Henry.
 Later that day we went down to the pond (can't be any more specific than that on pain of death; you know secret location and all that) and everyone had the chance to fish for some bream.  

Monday morning we put the MH in the shop for the AC repairs and decided we'd spend the day checking out one of the local golf courses. Being from Florida I've always struggled when it came to playing courses with a lot of elevation changes. Today was no exception. I played Cider Ridge golf course. It was not one of my better scores, but Joan and I had a great time. She took some great action shots and I enjoyed the company as we cruised around the course.

We are anxious to get back out on the road, so we're hoping the A/C repairs can be completed quickly. Keep your fingers crossed; maybe we'll be on the road tomorrow. We're still hoping to see Mesa Verde, Moab and Arches before we get to Oregon.


  1. Mesa Verde! Moab! Arches! Enjoy...those are all wonderful places. We have been in Indian Country three or four times and the hikes have been amazing. You will be there at a good time of year. I enjoy hearing your experiences. Take care and maybe we'll meet on the road one day.

  2. Congrats!!! Sorry about the mishaps but its nothing that can't be over come. Where is the gig you will be working? We are headed to Sugar Barge in CA which is on the Delta between San Francisco and Sacramento on Bethel Island. Looking very forward to it. Safe travels

  3. Fresh fish, a round of golf, yep you are both easing into the lifestyle perfectly!

  4. We will be staying in Mt Hood area near a town called Estacada. It's a small town just south of Portland.Glad we gave ourselves so much time to get there!