Monday, June 18, 2012

West Coast Weekend

Things are still jumping as we continue to prepare different campgrounds and day-use areas along the Clackamas River. I've spent a lot of time felling and bucking trees so far this season; however most of the trees have been relatively small and very simple to manage. This week I actually worked on a couple of larger trees; improving my skills on getting the trees to drop where I want them to rather than where they may be leaning towards. So far, so good as all of them have dropped just as planned. Many of the very large trees are handled by an outside company with special equipment and years of experience.

Joan and I visited one of highest campgrounds last week to determine when we might be able to get into the CG and begin preparing it for opening. Hideaway Lake CG is remote, located about 4 miles down a single lane paved road (that's not open very far past the CG turnoff because of snow); then 5 miles down a gravel road that climbs to an altitude of approximately 4000'. While the gravel road is clear of snow, the last 100 yards of the CG entrance is still under 12" of the white stuff.

But once you get there the view is awesome. Hideaway Lake is a small crystal clear spring-fed lake.And locals say that once the snow and ice is gone the water temp is more like a warm bath than a spring-fed mountain lake. And the fishing is supposed to be great.

Next week the Forest Service is handing off a new area, a combination campground, trail-head and hot springs. For many years the site has been unattended and left to hikers and locals to maintain. The CG has 17 sites; however there are no tables or fire rings. The trail goes for several miles well into a wilderness area, but 1.5 miles down the trail is a rough hot springs area with several 'bathing' houses, individual and group hot tubs, pit toilets and a small cabin for a camphost. Our manager wanted everyone available on Monday to start preparing the area so we were asked to take Saturday off instead of our normal day off. Hmmm.......let me think........Saturday and Sunday off......hmmmmmm.....OK! So Joan and I headed out early Saturday morning to see the Pacific Ocean.

First stop; Tillamook Cheese Factory. For those of you who haven't heard of Tillamook, think big. Until earlier this year Tillamook packaged 1 million pounds of cheese each week and their factory warehouse has the capacity to age 50 million pounds at once. We took a quick tour, sampled some cheese, passed on the ice cream and picked up some fudge to go. Then it was off to the beach.

Cape Mear

Then on to Short Beach

Three Arch Rocks

Cannon Beach

Our last stop was really not a stop but a go....on a ferry. The Puget Island Ferry that crosses the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon.

And that was it for our day at the beach.

A shout out to Erin...Happy 30th and to Joe..Happy Birthday Buddy.. Stay tuned...More to Come.


  1. Absolutely love the West Coast beach pictures. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! Enjoy!

  2. I could get into that cheese factory. . . and their samples! :-)

    Great beach weekend!

    That snow at Hideaway Lake actually looks refreshing. Mid to high 90's here. :-(

  3. Love "visiting" Oregon again through your descriptions and pics.

    It's 100 degrees in south Texas! Enjoy the cool and green.

  4. If only I could talk Richard into a trip out. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!

  5. Your blog is so informative and so, well, versatile that I've given you "The Versatile Blogger" Award!

    Visit my blog at to pick up your award if you so choose!

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