Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yome Sweet Yome

Now don't get the wrong idea. It's not what you think. Yes, I know how to spell. No, Joan and I are not back in Florida. Yes, we're still having the time of our lives and enjoying every minute of it. No, we haven't bought a new house...or RV.Yes, we.....never mind; I could keep this up for a while but ya'll might get bored and leave. According to Webster's Dictionary, a yome is uh......hmmmm......what???? Even Webster doesn't know what a yome is. OK, let's go for a visual. In fact let's show you how one looks as it's assembled.

4 Workers Prepare to Assemble as 1 Performs the
Ceremonial Dance as He Places the First Piece

Next You Construct the Necklace
Then try it on for size

The Pick-Up Stix are then added
 to achieve appropriate height 

The Top is  Installed to Provide Shade for Additional Dancers

Better Picture of Top Without Dancers 

Door (with lock) is installed allowing Campers
to keep out Dancers
As you can see a yome is a hybrid dome yurt; a circular domed tent stretched over a collapsible lattice framework. The Forest Service installed two of these last year. They were dismantled last October and placed into storage. This week started off with us taking the pieces and parts out of storage, transporting them to the appropriate campground and then assembling them in time for the CG to open this week. Unfortunately the assembly instructions and anyone remotely familiar with the assembly process were both absent from the CG the day we worked on them. Besides the top ring, 8 roof rafters, canvas top and sides, aluminum cap/vent, door and door frame; each yome has 31-2"x2"x7' framework poles. Since we had 2 yomes, we had a total of 62 poles; none of which were marked as to where they went on the yome. Hence...pick-up stix. After a little research we started noticing slight differences;14 had square-edges with bent eye-bolts in each end; 16 had rounded edges with bent eye-bolts in each end; and 32 had rounded edges with a bent eye-bolt in one end and a straight eye-bolt in the other end. After a little discussion we had a rough idea of where everything should go and with a little trial and error we had the first one up and were started on the second before we called it a day. The next day the expert showed up and helped get the doors installed. Each yome is furnished with two combination futon-bunk beds. 

Thursday & Friday had us bucking trees again on the east side. These might be the last few trees we have to fell. The agreement between the Forest Service and our employer states that the concessionaire (us) is responsible to perform a predetermined dollar amount of tree removal; after that amount is reached the Forest Service becomes responsible for any remaining hazard tree removal.

As Saturday rolled around Joan and I were really sore. Arms, shoulders, backs; we could hardly get out of bed without a lot of moaning and asking "Where is the Aleve?" So when we wrapped up the day we decided to get a well-deserved and needed Massage. You heard right. A M-A-S-S-A-G-E. Actually we got two massages; one for each of us; at the same time; in the same room. IT WAS GREAT! We pretty much floated home afterwards.
A Parting Shot of Mt Hood on the way to Lost Creek CG
It looks as though I've found a softball team to play on while I'm in Estacada this summer. I gave my contact info to the Recreation Director for the community of Sandy and a couple days later I got a call from a new coed team that is being formed. Our first game will be the week of 6/18. And a big shout out to my son Doug and his brother Chris, Kenny and the rest of the players on Doug's softball team back in Florida. This is the team that I pitched for up until Joan and I headed to Oregon. Doug called me today. My replacement tweaked his back and is on the DL for at least another week. Doug was hoping I could give him some pitching tips over the phone. I did...."pitch it where they ain't" and "strike 'em all out". So as of now Doug is scheduled for his debut as starting pitcher on Monday night. Please keep them in your thoughts. 

Stayed Tuned. More to Come.


  1. Wow - you guys sure do stay busy! Sounds like the massages were very well deserved. Love the picture of Mt Hood!

    1. After one of the 2x2's broke, we found that half of the eye-bolts have left threads, allowing the length to be adjusted by spinning the 2x2. This allowed us to tweak the position enough to get the roof on the second yome.

      Don't worry, the doors do not have locks so the dancers can get in anytime. The window shades open from the outside, to let anyone get a peek in.

  2. After that game of pick up sticks without instructions and all that hard work, you definitely deserved those massages! Hope things ease up for you a little once all the CGs are open.

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