Sunday, July 29, 2012

There's a Strange Woman in My Bed

Another busy week; both at work and at play. Joan and I have met so many interesting people working in and around the campgrounds this summer. Last week we checked in a free-lance photographer who had just driven from his assignment in California to Oregon to pick up a 70's vintage motorcycle he bought on E-Bay. He had removed the wheels and had it inside his SUV. He and Joan started talking cameras and photography and before you know it he had his camera out and was sharing some tips with Joan as well as showing us some of the pics he had taken on his assignment. One of them was quite was a pic taken from a distance of 1/3 mile...of a famous movie star while he was working on a movie....wonder who it was? None other than Top Gun himself...Tom Cruise. Cool!

I've added another skill to my resume.....parking lot striper. Had occasion to clean and re-stripe the parking lot at one of our campground/trailheads. Not as hard as you might think to paint a straight line, but painting 25-30 can be a chore.

And for those of you who might be wondering about the fishing in you go. These were caught by some of our campers at one of the local lakes.

With another shortened work week we decided to take another road trip...this time to Crater Lake. Just shy of 300 miles from our current location the drive took about 6 hours...with a little time out for a picnic lunch.

As we drove in the north entrance to Crater Lake National Park the views started changing....

.... from high mountain forests....

..... to open meadows with snow still on the ground;

mountain peaks with snowy slopes.....

 ......and the bluest water we've seen in a long time.

And as for the strange woman sleeping in my bed.......well she's blonde, beautiful and a whole lot of fun.

Prior to our leaving Florida in March, Joan had used the same hair stylist (Hey Audrey) for over 30 years. Last Thursday all that changed. She got a new cut and a new color. I like it!

Our calendar is getting busy. Our friends Jim and Debbie will be arriving from Florida in a few weeks and we'll have 10 days of sight-seeing with them. Also it looks as though my ex-boss Richard and his wife Susan will be stopping by for a long weekend in September. And if we're real lucky, my parents are considering a cross-country trip east coast to west coast with a stop in Oregon. So if any of you have been thinking how much fun a vacation to Oregon could us and we'll check the calendar.

Happy Birthday Ryan 
We miss you. Maybe you can come out and visit with us one day!

Stay Tuned. More to Come.


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    1. Thanks! Have to get used to it being this short.

  2. Wow - that water sure is blue! Tell Jim and Deb we said hey!

  3. We can't wait. Looking at flights and need to finalize our plans soon!!