Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gumby Anyone?

August......already......really? What happened to all the other months? Our time here in Oregon is really flying by; as are our work days. Monday is water day. Joan and I are responsible to deliver water to our camphosts located in campgrounds without running water. Additionally we resupply our camphosts with firewood. Several of our camphosts are selling 50-60 bundles of wood each weekend, so we're kept rather busy keeping them stocked.

On Tuesday we fill in as camphosts at Lazy Bend CG. Later that morning we embarked on a journey to single-handedly paint most of the signs in the forest (if you believe that I've got some ocean-front, mountain-top, riverside, timbered, lakefront pastureland I can sell you). 

What a job; first we sanded and sealed a wooden sign in front of the Ripplebrook Store.

Then we drove to 2 of our more remote CGs to paint their 'Gumby'. Ever wonder why they're called 'Gumby'? Think about it..... By the time we were done it was almost sundown. It takes quite a bit of time to paint all of those letters.

Wednesday was Bagby day. We checked in at four CG's along the way where the camphosts were taking a day off and everyone of them had campers that needed to be checked in. As soon as we arrived at Bagby I headed to the CG and Joan hiked the 1.5 mile trail up to the hot springs. One of the things Joan had to check on was a reported campfire that may have gotten out of control at a dispersed camping site just past the hot springs. I offered to hike up and check the fire, but she said she could handle it. After ensuring the campfire had been put out she finished the chores at the top and returned to the campground. I spent my time checking in campers, finishing the paint striping of the parking lot and greeting folks headed up to soak in the hot springs.

Thursday Joan had the day off while I filled in at several other campgrounds. She took advantage of the day and went out for a manicure/pedicure; her first since we left Florida in March. How do you like the hot pink?
Hubba Hubba!

Friday was the start of a 3-day weekend for us and we headed out early. First stop....a Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins & Dives) restaurant called Pine State Biscuits in Portland. There was a line out the door, but we got in after 5-10 minutes. Not bad...try it if you happen to be in town and looking for a little southern breakfast food. 

Then it was on to Mt Rainier. What an awe-inspiring sight. 

We drove through the park stopping numerous times to look and take pictures; pictures that do not do it justice. 

The route back included 75 miles along Forest Road 25 through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We were 1 mile from the Columbia River Gorge when we spotted a herd of 50+ elk grazing in an undeveloped subdivision. We turned around and drove through, taking pictures of the elk less than 20' from the car.

Saturday turned out to be just like Florida....with the car thermometer showing 100 degrees. The RV started heating up so we bailed out to .... where else.... the mall.. Joan said that was a clear indicator we're officially RVers. First time we've visited a mall since March...nothing has changed...all the major stores are still there...along with all the early and pre-teens.

Shout out to DD....Happy Birthday Dave.

Also birthday wishes to Debbie and BNF Katie. Those birthdays appear to be hard on you.

What Gives?
Debbie Before

Debbie After
Katie Before

Katie After

More to come. Stay Tuned

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  1. The pics of Mt Rainier are awesome! I can only imagine what it is like in person (but will definitely find out one day!).