Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Next?

With our friends Jim and Debbie scheduled to arrive this Wednesday we have been doing all that we can to get things work and at home. We're even changing our work days to allow us to put together a few more days off while they're here.

Thanks Dad
I received a package from home Thursday. My father has been creating stained glass items for close to 20 years. We have several of his pieces in the MH already including 3 lamps ( 1 custom made to match the interior of the MH), 3 sun-catchers that hang in the windows and a large 30" x 30" window with a custom design he made for our home several years ago. This hangs in the front windshield when we are parked. When I opened the package I found a new piece of artwork. My dad applied a design I created several years ago and created a piece of art out of FOSJ. It looks great hanging in our living room.

We got a confirmation from Amazon this week that we would begin work the week of October 28th in Fernly Nevada. Our job here should end during the first two weeks of October, giving us a couple weeks to relax and travel from Oregon to Nevada.

Returning from an employee outing last week we discovered an alternative scenic route along our path home. On Friday Joan decided we should explore it a little further. We rode around the back roads for several hours enjoying the varying scenery and different views of Mt Hood. Mid afternoon we pulled over to take a couple of pictures.

When we got back in the car we discovered we had a little problem; the car's air conditioner wasn't working; and the temps were in the high 90's. We headed back towards town and as soon as we had a cell signal we called the local dealership. We got an appointment and started the 60+ mile drive to their location......on the far side of Portland.....taking several of the main highways and stop and go traffic.......during Friday afternoon rush hour 97 degree temps......without A/ was it hot!

That Ain't a Florida Tag
Once at the dealership we got a loaner car and headed home. A short time later we got the bad news; the compressor needed to be replaced. The parts are ordered and we expect to pick the car up this Wednesday when we head into Portland to pick up Jim and Debbie at the airport.

Let's see.....hmmmmm......the red wire goes here and the
black wire goes there. Or is it the red wire goes there and

Saturday we were doing some odds and ends at home when Joan attempted to use the microwave to heat up some water to make sugar water for the hummingbird feeders. Note the key word.....'attempted'. The microwave worked for about 2 seconds before it went completely dead. Last week it had popped a breaker while cooking. I checked the breaker and it was OK. After checking the owners manual I tested the electric outlet and determined it was OK as well. That left only the microwave as the culprit. After a little research, talking with our warranty company and the local Campers World looking for options we decided to simply purchase a new microwave and install it ourselves. So the rest of Saturday was spent on a trip to Best Buy and installation of the new oven. It fits well, looks good and works great.

This week turned out to be one of the most expensive ones we've experienced since we started full-timing. Even so we are not deterred. We both believe it's not a matter of 'if' something will happen, but more 'when' something will happen. You can prepare yourself to handle the unexpected. We are having a blast and it's been worth every penny.

That all for now. The next two weeks should be really great with Jim and Debbie here. Stay Tuned. More to Come.

P.S.  I want to wish Steve a happy birthday.  The adventure has been exciting. Look forward to many more years. Love you!


  1. Love the stained glass emblem,he does great work. I think the gremlins come in cycles. We seem to have a few things go wrong all at once then it calms down for awhile. Just when you forget about them they will show up again. Just part of lifestyle but worth every bite from the gremlins. Happy Birthday Steve!

  2. Happy Birthday, Steve. We hope it is worry-free.

    Don't you just hate those unexpected expenses? But they happen even in stix and brix homes. Just that the rest of your expenses in an RV are way less than owning stix and brix.

    For us, with the housing market the way it was, we LOST so much money on the last two homes we sold, it wasn't worth having a stix and brix house.

  3. Wow -- your dad is quite the artist! I'm sure all of those handmade items will be treasured for years to come.

    Bummer on your repairs. Seems like when it rains, it pours. Hope you don't have any more surprises.

    Happy birthday!

  4. Very cool stained glass! Your father sure is talented.

  5. Happy BDay and good luck at Amazon. A couple we work with here will be there as well...Bruce Smith. As for the repairs we feel you pain but a beefed up emergency fund makes it alot easier. We had to replace all the tires on the tow trailer in March.

  6. Happy Birthday Steve! Love the stained glass sign, really cool!

  7. Hey, Big Brudder.....Dad's gone and done it again....another masterpiece! I know you'll have a blast with Jim & Debbie. Enjoy you're Forever 59th b'day on Friday!
    Love, Lil Sis

  8. Steve, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Sounds like you and Joan are enjoying this stage of your lives. I'm so happy for you! Let Kenny and I know when/if you are ever back in town. Take care, Beth and Kenny Day