Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools.....Just Foolin'...No Kidding...I Really Mean It

The last few weeks have been fun and busy. 1 of the 2 maintenance techs in Echo Bay is having knee replacement surgery and that only leaves our boss Tim to run things single handed for the next 4-5 months. On top of that Tim was scheduled for training for a week and he asked us to take on a few additional responsibilities and work weekends for a couple of weeks.

We actually had a chance to go 'rock climbing' with Joan's cousin. No, we're not attaching our selves together with ropes and chalking our hands; rather we tightened our seat belts and held on for dear life as we tackled some 45-55 degree rock slopes in Brian and Theresa's modified jeep. As usual Joan would not open here eyes for the first few minutes, but she eventually woke up and had a great time. Brian modified the jeep himself and the ride we took proved what a good job he did.

We took a couple trips into Mequite, AZ and took in a movie both times we were there. We both liked The Host and Joan managed to sit through Olympus Has Fallen which I really enjoyed (way too much shoot em' up for her). We witnessed the Air Force practicing pilot ejections over Lake Mead.

Joan has taken hundreds of pictures of the flowers that are blooming everywhere in the park (check out her Facebook for more pics)

We even spotted a very unusual plant and after a quick email discovered it was a Camissionia plant that has been infected with a virus. Sure looks cool though.


We met some new friends, Joe and Gay from Good-Times-Rollin. We spent a couple of days checking out Valley of Fire, Anniversary Narrows and the Botanical Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolate Factory.

Yes I said Cactus Garden at the Chocolate Factory. If you're ever in Vegas, check it out. It's free and well worth the time.

But I think someone once said "all good things must come to an end". Today was our last day at Echo Bay....really, no fooling. Easter Sunday was our last workday; today we spent the entire day preparing for the trip to Colorado. Joan worked on the inside and I worked on the outside. We started early and by mid-afternoon we were tired, sore and very happy with all we had accomplished. We have lots of stained glass lamps, bowls and sun-catchers that all had to be wrapped and insulated. Joan did her version of spring-cleaning while I washed the car, cleaned the front RV windows, made sure the bikes were strapped and secure and packed the basement with all our outdoor stuff.

Tuesday morning we're headed to Grand Canyon where we'll meet our co-workers from Oregon Larry and Jean. We're planning to spend 2 days there before heading for Mesa Verde and then Moab. After that we'll mosey (check your southern slang dictionary) towards Chalk Creek arriving sometime around 4/15. We're real excited about that so......

Stayed Tuned. More to Come.

PS....checking our blog stats the other day we noticed that we just crossed the 20,000 'views' mark. Thanks everyone.


  1. Love the rock climbing, especially with someone else driving!! We are headed to a Jeep trail within Arches NP today.

    I, also, take tons of flower photos but they never seem to make the blog!! Only the crested saguaro have made it.

    We are in Moab until at least the 14th probably longer. Maybe we can meet up!

  2. I know Echo Bay will really miss you!

    Enjoy your trip to Colorado....sounds like alot of great stops along the way.

    Happy trails!

  3. that rock climbing looks intense! Be safe in your travels and you guys are the first to know ... we bought an enclosed trailer today for the Harley! Let's go ridin'!

  4. We had no idea you read our blog!! What a small world...Jean and Larry are fabulous! Hopefully we can meet you guys in person too someday :).