Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Really Hate When That Happens

Our first two weeks here in Nathrop and Chalk Creek CG have been really cool. Joan and I have had a good time so far. Unfortunately you won't see any photos for a couple of weeks from now. For about a month we've been noticing that our PC was very slow to respond when we attempted to access our photos. After running some diagnostics and calling Dell tech support it was determined that we have a problem with the hard drive. I've backed up all our data, including our pics and the PC is being sent back to Dell for repairs. We should have the PC back in 7-10 days. Aaahhhhh....don't you just love technology.

Back to Nathrop.......we've had snow 3 mornings since we've been here, including one morning when the overnight temps got down to 5 (yes, single digit) degrees. Even with snow in the mornings, almost all of it is gone by the end of the day. It's been sunny and comfortable during the day with high temps anywhere from the low 50's to 70. Last week we were enjoying the view with snow on the car and surrounding mountains; had the heaters going inside the RV all snug and warm when we started to hear water dripping. We quickly noticed water starting to leak out from under the refrigerator. We turned off the water to the RV and started to investigate. What we found was not as bad as we thought.....the ice maker water filter (located behind the fridge in the outside access panel) had frozen and split. No problem until later in the day when the ice began to thaw. When that happened the water began to squirt out and run down the rear of the fridge. We were able to replace the filter and dry out the gallon or so of water that had leaked inside.

We've started to explore the area in the jeep and taken a couple of roads up into the mountains until we reach the snow line. Those roads lead to the high passes and we'll have to wait until late June or July before we can explore those fully (including a couple of ghost towns....yippeeee!). And we've seen herds of elk and deer. Joan has her bird feeders out and she's already started to see hummingbirds. And Iv'e been cleaning up some odds and ends maintenance items....replace toilet bowl seals and the drip guard on the shower water filters outside and inside. Still on the list is installation of a Trik-L-Charge for the chassis batteries and trouble shooting the rear view camera. Wish me luck.

Last week we drove into Denver (about 2 1/2 hours away) to see the Rockies - Braves baseball game. We had great seats with 50 degree temps and plenty of sunshine. The Braves took a lead into the 9th but the Rockies tied the game 5-5 in the bottom of the inning. FREE BASEBALL! And in the bottom of the 12th the Rockies scored to win 6-5.

I've contacted the recreation departments in both Buena Vista and Salida (the towns on either side of Nathrop) and gotten my name in a pool for playing softball. There's a pick up game this afternoon and I'm hoping to meet some of the team managers and find a team to play on this summer. Wish me luck.

We've begun helping Lars and Tamara here at Chalk Creek. We've gone out a couple of days with Lars and picked up 3 truck loads of firewood. Also the office and general store were remodeled from 2 separate rooms into one large room during the off-season. We've been helping to set up and stock shelves. Joan has begun training in the office and I've been working with Lars in the CG. We are 1 of 4 workamper couples this season and the 1st to move into the CG. A 2nd couple Jack & Joyce moved from nearby Buena Vista into the CG yesterday. The other 2 couples should be here within the next 2 weeks.

On a side note. Please keep our fellow RVers and friends Rudee and Phil in your thoughts.

Well that's it for now.

Stay Tuned. More to Come.


  1. Glad to read all is well with you two. Thank goodness your refrigerator problem was an easy fix. We never thought about the water line for the ice maker freezing. New place to think about if the temps dip too low. Boy, you have had a cold start to your new location. But on the bright side, that may mean much milder temps this summer!!

    Hope your computer returns soon. I imagine your location is beautiful. Happy training! Stay warm!

  2. Oh I can just see it all in my mind. But snow...there was none of that there when we were there. :) I am anxious to see pictures when you get your computer fixed. We were camped down in the bottom by the stream. Had a terrific site.
    Hope your computer problems get fixed soon for you no fun when that happens.

  3. Hope Dell has the computer up and running soon...purely selfish as I love your pictures! Just kidding!

    Good luck on the rec departments...what a great way to meet people!

  4. I'm so glad you are liking it so far!!

    Phil and Rudee are in our thoughts also; they sent us well wishes, and are now in a medical situation themselves. You never know what's around the corner, do you? We have every appendage crossed that can be that we will be headed north for the summer on Wednesday!