Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almost There

We stayed in Hermiston for 2 days visiting with Joan's family and taking a tour of the McNary Lock and Dam. Tuesday morning we headed a little further west stopping at the Deschutes River State Park.

According to Joan, this is the prettiest park we've stayed in since our trip began. We met the camphosts Howard and Charmaign before selecting our site.

We spent the afternoon driving around and viewing some of the local attactions
Yard Art: Flower & Roll and Play

Maryhill Museum
Made from mining tools found at an abandoned mine

A little further down the road from Maryhill Museum is Stonehenge. It is a full size replica placed as a memorial to local soldiers who died during WW1

Just before we got home we notice one of the wind turbines being worked on. Apparently there is a hoist located in the top of each unit. A pair of doors, much like the bay doors on a space shuttle open on top of the turbine behind the propellors. The hoist pops us and lowers a cable over the side to lift parts to the top. We're not sure what they were working on but we did see the hoist in action.

We are enjoying the slower pace of the last few days. The views as we drive along the Colombia River Gorge are really neat. We expect to arrive at our workamping location Thursday or Friday this week.


  1. For the most part it has been a great trip up there and you have made many great memories! Can't wait to hear about your campground and the workamping. Many more adventures to come! Have fun!!!!

  2. You will have fun exploring the area. It is very beautiful. The Columbia Gorge Scenic Drive (alternative to I-84) has many hikes to waterfalls and scenic views. The dogwoods should be in bloom right about now.

    Enjoy your workamping. Let us know how you like it.

    In about August, just down the hill from Stonehenge, is a campground called Peach Beach. You camp in the middle of a peach orchard! Check it out if you have the time.