Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do You Notice Anything Different?

Well.....week 1 of our first workamping job is in the books. Notice anything different?
Think about it. See if you can figure it out. I'll tell you the answer later.

As I mentioned previously the 'compound' where we will be staying this summer is set up for 2 RV's. We currently have 5: 4 MH & 1-5th wheel; and that is down 1 23' TT that moved last week. Needless to say the 'resources' are being tested. 3 couples have been attending a management preparation meeting this week in California. They're back yesterday and the Area Ops Manager expects the extra RV's to relocate later this week to their summer campsites.

With only 5-6 CGs open now we started the week with a schedule for 3-days/20 hours. But things are starting to heat up as everyone is trying to get the 51 campgrounds our Ops Manager is responsible for ready. Some of the campgrounds will not open until June, but that still leaves an average of 1 opening each day into June. So after the first few days our schedule changed to full time. This week we've been covering for some of the camp-hosts on their days off; cleaning/raking/preparing campsites; opening and preparing restrooms in the soon-to-open CG's; setting up water/supply sites for new camp-hosts located in sites without FHU.

Now I wouldn't call raking and clearing broken limbs from campsites hard work; but if you haven't done yardwork for 8 hours a day/5 days a feels like hard work. Especially about an hour after you get off, clean up, eat supper and settle down. After you've watched a couple TV shows, or read a couple chapters in your current book; then decide to get up and get a discover you can't move any part of your anatomy without something hurting! Your hands and fingers are sore; your legs start to cramp; your biceps and triceps feel like you've held your arms over your head for 8 hours straight. Even my glutes hurt! Well, we've got 2 days to recover and start it all over again.

As we were paring down household items to move into the RV last fall Joan kept a pair of 'tried and true' hiking shoes to work in; I bought a new pair of hiking shoes for the same purpose. Well we learned that they are not as waterproof as we need them to be. Day 2 of work and Joan's socks were saturated when we got home. A quick trip to FredMeyers and we both bought waterproof work boots. BOGO! Buy one, get one 1/2 off. The next 3 days we felt dry and comfortable all day long, rain and shine!

Sunday was our day off and we decided to take the bikes for a ride. The forecast was for sunny skies and temps in the high 60's. We left around 10:30am, fueled up and headed south along Hwy 224. The weather was great and we rode until we could go no further. Don't believe me? Look for yourself......
That Ain't Beachsand

We really wanted to ride further. We worked our way around the first couple patches of snow, but finally couldn't go any further. At least without adding some knobby tires.

So back to my original you notice anything different? Need a hint? Do I look shorter? Maybe? All right, I'll tell you. Joan has taken on a new profession.....barber.
That's new 'do' was done by my one and only! 

And I think she did a great job. Especially as she had already taken her sleeping pill when she started. I kept checking to make sure she didn't etch any lightning bolts or stars or initials into my hair. Next it will be my turn...not to cut her hair, but help with some color touch up. Hope I can do as good a job as she did for me. Here's how you will be able to tell. Watch the pics in future blogs. If she's wearing a hat, it probably didn't go as well as we hoped.

Stay tuned. More to come.


  1. Dan cuts my hair and does a great job! And, after all, it's just hair and grows back! Still don't like the snow and cold! I say we have Florida blood now because if it's below 70, I need a jacket! Stay safe and keep having fun!

  2. Wow, you are one brave guy, especially letting her cut your hair after the sleeping pill. I see that glazed over look in her eyes and she seems very happy!

  3. OMG, I can SOOOOO relate to the sore muscles after you've relaxed for a bit - or even the next morning. We woke ourselves up from MOANING just trying to turn over in bed. And we only worked 4 hrs each for 2 days running a leaf blower. It's given me a better understanding of the concept "cat herding"!

  4. Your getting into dangerous territory working on a woman's hairdo! Max let me cut hers. Lets just say that I am not allowed to cut her hair again.

  5. Makes my heart happy to see how wonderful your tour is going; and your blog is a beautiful thing. What a wonderful way to share. Enjoy!!!! Love ya ~ Aunt Janice

  6. Nice haircut! We cut each other's hair, and it saves so much money.

    I empathize with your aching muscles. That much yard work is hard work!

  7. You will do a fine job on her hair as she did on yours. Hey you have to save a penny where you can as we are all on a budget! Man you two have to get some warm days to get rid of that white stuff.

    1. We like seeing the white stuff! Remember we're from Florida and the only white we saw was beach sand. Saw snow today and it was absolutely beautiful. Oregon has to be the greenest state.