Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

We checked into Village of the Trees RV Park in Declo Id Thursday afternoon. Thursday night the temps dropped to 30 and we had icicles at the water attachment when we got up Friday morning.

The Tools of Choice When It's Cold Outside

Along with the ice was a wind advisory for most of the day forecasting winds up to 40mph. All things considered we elected to stay another day and 'chill'.

Very Cold Next to the Snake River
(At least for this Florida boy)
We got lots accomplished as we ran errands and got some odd jobs completed around the MH. As we checked the weather for Friday night the forecast was even colder; lows in the 20's. So we hunkered down, pulled in the water hose and made sure we'd prepared as per the motorhome owners manual. After all this was our first time in the MH with these temps.

When we woke Saturday the outside temp was 21 and the inside was 55. On came the heaters and the electric 'throw' (Thanks Lisa) felt nice as I was sitting in the living room waiting for Joan to start her day. We're headed into Oregon today; just a short 4 hour drive to our next stop and hopefully warmer temperatures.


  1. Isn't it nice to enjoy the cool temps whilst most of your family and friends are sweltering in the heat of Central Fla?

  2. Oh my! Brrrrr!! Hope you've reached warmer weather.

  3. Hope you warm up soon. The Bailey's should help. You better indulge for a few extra day's just to make sure!