Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First 6 Days Have Been Great. We're Leaving Tomorrow!

Well we've been at our new workamping location for 6 days and I've got to say we're very happy to be here. We've met several of the workampers that we'll be working with over the next 5 months and we think they are all going to be so much fun to work with over the summer. 3 of those 6 days Joan and I have taken drives to see some of the CG's we'll be supporting as well as learning some of the area and seeing some of the sights in and around Mt Hood.
1 of 3 foot bridges along the trail to Bagby Springs
We've visited Bagby Springs, a local hangout that requires a 1.5 mile hike along a river to a series of rough wooden buildings and hot tubs.

You can have a hot time here
after your 1.5 mile hike through the snow

There are a couple of small hot springs which have been routed to soaking tubs for anyone to enjoy. I'm not sure of the origins, but there are 2 hot tub areas with larger tubs and at least 1 building with 5-6 separate stalls with wooden tubs large enough for 2. Rumor has it that it's quite the party area on weekends year round.

One day we drove all the way around Mt Hood getting to see the different views and snow that is still hanging around.

Today we took a couple of back roads, including a couple that weren't paved just to see if we could see some wildlife.

No wildlife but other interesting sites.

The first 6 days have been great. We're leaving tomorrow! No it's not what you think. With this years weather many of the campgrounds are not yet ready for opening. So there are still a couple days before we're really needed to begin work. We're gong to take advantage of that time and drive up to Seattle for the weekend. We're going to spend some time with Joan's friend Terri. So far we've got plans to attend a Mariner game, visit Seattle underground, Pike's Market and play a round of golf. Joan may try to take in a Tulip Festival and Glass Museum.

Stayed Tuned. There's always more to come!

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  1. Brrrr...how are you guys adjusting to the cold. Trip to Seattle sounds great! Have fun.