Monday, April 9, 2012

Catfish? Snake? Or Both?

We left Declo Saturday morning headed towards Oregon. Along the way we stopped and checked out Malad Gorge. As we drove into the park we noticed signs warning parents to watch out for their children. Nothing too unusual about that.

Joan and I parked the car and walked towards the gorge through the scrub and sage along a sandy footpath. I was paying more attention to where I was stepping rather than where I was going and next thing I know I was 2 steps from a long quick decent to the bottom of the gorge. I was shocked. No guard rails; no signs or warnings at the precipice or along the path. Word to the Wise for future reference: Pay attention to the sign at the entrance.


Just a few miles into Oregon we pulled of on Hwy 201 and drove about 3 miles to Catfish Junction RV Park......located on the Snake River. Another small PA campground. We met the owner Dave who has had the park for about 7 years. Nice place with gravel drives, grass islands, boat ramp and lots of quiet. The closest town is Wieser located about 10 miles north off 201 on 95.

We considered staying 2 nights, but when we got up Easter Sunday we decided to travel a little further west.


Close to Pendleton we parked the MH at a rest stop and drove 3 miles down a side road to see Dead Man Pass. A turnoff onto a gravel 'drive' (that's stretching the description) into an open field.

The view was impressive, but it appeared this location was used by the locals for a hangout more than it was used by tourists as a must-see destination.

Another 30 miles and we decided to stop in Hermiston for a couple of nights so we could visit some of Joan's family.

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  1. The best part of being a fulltimer is all the great sights that you would have never seen if you stayed at home, enjoy!